Product photography made easy
Product photography made easy

1.     Is Photomate a backdrop or is it used to hang backdrops?




You can use Photomate as a backdrop by placing your product in front of the stand. This is ideal if you need a plain background to make photo editing quick and easy. 


There is a small flap attached to the middle panel of Photomate that allows the stand to become more stable when hanging any backdrop on to it. If the backdrop is slippery then you can fix it in place using pegs, fold-back clips or professional photography clips.

2.     Aren’t lightcubes better?


Photomate is fully portable and much more versatile than lightcubes in terms of customisation and being able to photograph products of different sizes. With Photomate, you don't have to bring the light to the object by using lamps and light tents. You can set up Photomate anywhere and position it any which way the shadows disappear.

3.     Why do I need Photomate?


Photomate helps you take market ready photos that can be uploaded instantly with minimal editing required. It makes your photos look clean and professional by eliminating background clutter.


Use Photomate alone for a plain white background, or hang seamless backdrops (no more taping them to the walls or having someone hold them up!).

4.     Does it require assembly?


Photomate comes in a flat-pack kit with its own carry case. Simply take out the pieces from the case, unfold them and and slot in the tabs - for extra help on this take a look at our instructional videos below.


This will take you seconds so you will have ample time to set up your camera and choose the spot with the best light.


Tips on how to make the most of your camera (including the one on your smartphone) and getting the lighting right can be found in our free product photography guide. Download it here.

5.     How big is Photomate?


Photomate opens up to a large size (14" h x 28" w) making it ideal for both small and large objects. It's collapsible so it can be stored away easily (the packed size is a 1" deep case 15" H x 14" W).

6.     What about lighting and shadows?


Photomate is made from non-reflective, light-absorbing material. It was designed to be portable so it stands on its own and you don’t have to fix it to a wall or a table. This portability allows you to move the stand to wherever there is best light; whether outside, in your kitchen, workshop or bedroom!


Photomate has side panels which may be angled to minimise shadows.



7.     Do I use it with or without flash?


Photomate is made of a non-reflective polypropylene which makes it suitable for use with or without the camera flash however, the best results are usually obtained from adjusting the camera settings so you can shoot without the flash.

8.     How do I clean Photomate?


Photomate can simply be wiped clean with a dry or damp cloth.



9.     Where can I get more tips on how to take better product photos?


Check out the video tutorials on our site or receive our FREE guide to product photography here!

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